The Secret Ingredient To Young And Healthy Hair

September 21, 2017

kenra hairspray

I want to share something with you, that will change the way your hair feels, forever.
It’s the new “secret” ingredient that KENRA Professional included in their new hair care line. The anti-aging hair care line is part of KENRA Platinum and the secret ingredient is………. snail essence. Before I move forward, I want to mention the fact, that no snails were harmed. The snail essence is basically a byproduct of escargot farms which has been repurposed for skin and hair products.
I’m sure you already know that the skin products with snail essence are one of the best anti-aging products out there and KENRA Professional took this concept and introduced it in the hair care line KENRA PLATINUM. Our hair needs anti-aging products as well, not only our skin and, unfortunately, we seem to neglect this fact.

There are 5 products I want to tell you guys about, but before I go ahead, I must inform you, that all these products are formulated WITHOUT sulfates, parabens & sodium, which means,  naturellll all-the-way! You can check out Kenra Professional website here:

1.The Snail Anti-Aging Shampoo is also the youth prolonging shampoo and provides the hair with natural softness and youthful movement. It prolongs the agility of the hair and restores the shine.

2. The Snail Anti-Aging Conditioner is also the youth prolonging conditioner, delivers moisture, radiance, and resilience to the hair. It restores manageability and prolongs youth.

Kenra Professional Snail Anti-Aging Conditioner
3. The Snail CC Cream – is a 10-IN-1 complete corrective cream. I am so happy to finally have a CC Cream for hair! It is so much needed! It’s lightweight and has no styling hold. This is not a styling cream! It protects the hair, restores and prolongs the youth in your hair.

Kenra Professional Snail Anti-Aging CC Cream

The entire KENRA Platinum hair line is made to RESTORE and PROLONG YOUTH by fighting all 10 signs of aging hair:
Breakage, Thinning, Dulling, Frizz, Dryness, Scalp Irritation, Unmanageability, Coarse Texture, Porosity, and Elasticity. What more can we do for our hair??? Oh well, there is more!
We have already learned about how to restore the youth in our hair but it is important to also keep it that way. So how do I style my hair without getting it damaged? KENRA Professional is meeting our needs with these two styling products:
1. KENRA Shaping Spray – is the 1st professional alcohol-free hairspray! How cool is that! It has extra firm hold and high shine and, it does not harm the hair, which is the most important part.

Kenra Professional Shaping Spray
2. KENRA Platinum Heat Block – it provides heat protection up to 450 degrees F and is enriched with Bee Propolis. It is so important to use heat protection when we blow dry,  curl or straighten out hair with hot tools. That’s where the real hair damage happens.

Kenra Professional Heat Block Spray

Now that I spilled the secret ingredient to beautiful, healthy hair, there is no reason for you to not take advantage. KENRA Professional is available at Ulta, so hurry!

Lots of love,

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