The Long Skirt – How To Style It

October 11, 2017

Long Skirt

…That feeling when you go thru your closed and find a piece of clothing and you fall in love with again, and you ask yourself

 why you haven’t worn it in such a long time….Well, that was me a few days ago when I found my long denim grey skirt that I haven’t worn in ages.

I am a big fan of long skirts and even if it’s pretty much a basic piece that everyone should have in their closets, it is a statement piece at the same time, it all depends on what you are pairing it with and how you style it.

I am showing you three different ways I styled my long skirt.


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  1. Romantic Look – For this look, I choose to pair the skirt with a white voluminous, shoulder-free top and blue, suede, platform-sandals. I like the volume the top gives the whole look and that it accentuates my waistline. The handmade beads chocker gives the look a little retro-romantic vibe.

Long SkirtLong Skirtlong dress and white shirt White Shirt and Long Dress Handmade Beads Chocker

2. Bad- A$$ Look – This look is pretty much made by accessories only.  I choose to pair the skirt with a simple black tank-top, black sandals and for this look,  I added more volume to the lower waist. I picked a belt and a fanny pack with metal details all around and finished the look with my black leather jacket. It gives the entire outfit a flair of biker-type-of-girl.

Long skirtLeather Jacket Leather jacket Long Dress

3. Ready-Go Look – I kept the belt and the shoes from the look before and I switched the tank top with a black cashmere, long sleeved one. It’s comfy, simple, so soft and perfect for fall.

Long SkirtLong Skirt Long Skirt Long Skirt

I hope my looks got you a little inspired, feel free to let me know what you think about the long skirt in general.



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