3 Pairs Of Sunglasses You Should Wear In 2017

March 25, 2017

must have sunglasses 2017

   Sunglasses protect us from UV rays…but,  to choose from so many styles and brands out there, can be headache, mostly if you want to look fashionable and keep it in your budged. For that reason,  I made a video with three types of sunglasses that are a must have in 2017 but they are also affordable and stylish as well.


    These sunglasses are a true statement piece. They work great with casual as well as with an elegant outfit.

When we think about the cat eye, we usually picture the classic design but, it can vary depending on what current trends are. For example, according to the 2017, even though we have the classic cat eye shape, the lens can be different colors, or the frames could be accessorized with rhinestones or flowers, depending on what you like.


    I’m sure all if you have at least one pair of these in your closet. These sunglasses are a must have in 2017 and they also can vary depending on the trends. The ROUND OVERSIZED glasses are a celebrity favorite item and if you really want to be on top of the fashionistas list, try the ones with clear lens.


   These sunnies will never go out of style but they can also be adjusted to the current trends. Mirrored lenses or lenses in two colors are trending right now, and they will make you stand out.   




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