5 Things You Should Know Before Exposing Yourself To The Sun

April 18, 2017

Summer is almost here and I know you’re so excited to be in the sun, get some tan, show off your legs and your booty and so on…BUT…be smart about exposing yourself to the sun! You don’t want to risk to get sunburn or skin cancer.

I was to tell you 5 thing you need to know before going in the sun!

  1. Every time you go in the sun, make sure you take a hat and sunglasses with you. Your face is exposed to the sun most of time and it can cause premature wrinkles. Honestly, you don’t want to look like 50 when you’re only 30 years old. My glasses are from www.yconbeverlyhills.com

2.   Apply sunscreen 15 SPF and higher, at least 20 minutes before you go in the sun. In those 20 minutes, the sunscreen will be absorbed in your skin to maximize the protection effect. Also, use a higher SPF sunscreen for your face which should be 30 SPF and up! Re-apply every hour. I like very much Neutrogena sun lotions, I’m trowing a link to check them out. NEUTROGENA SUN LOTION

3.    Hydrate! Even if it’s not recommended drinking alcohol when you’re in the sun, I can’t really tell you not to do it. Honestly…I totally understand…Nothing compares to drinking a refreshing mojito by the pool, listening to some reggae music…ahhh…BUT! Keep the water next to you and drink a lot, along with your mojito.  You’re body looses lots of water in the heat and you need to hydrate in order to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration.

4. Don’t stay in the sun for too long. It’s better to stay shorter time frames, more often, than to expose yourself from the beginning for a long period of time. You want to enjoy the sun, not to get sick from overexposing.

5. Enjoy the summer and the sun but be smart about it. You need vitamin D on a daily basis, but stay out of the sun around noon, when it’s the strongest. Cheers to an amazing summer!

I want to know in the comments below how you protect yourself from the sun. Cheers to a great summer!!

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